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unshelvedreader's Journal

Discussing Unshelved by Bill Barnes & Gene Ambaum
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Enjoy reading Unshelved? Have no place to discuss it? Now you do!

This community is dedicated to the discussion of Bill Barnes & Gene Ambaum's webcomic, Unshelved. Any form of discussion about the strip, the creators, Bill Barnes blog, the books from the Sunday booktalk strips, etc is allowed so long as it somehow deals back to Unshelved.

The syndicated feed for Unshelved can be found on LJ at unshelved_comic. Any other feeds are being merged into that one.

The community moderator is merhawk.

Community Rules:

A) This is for the discussion of Unshelved, the creators, their appearances at conferences, the books from the booktalks, etc. Namely anything that deals back to the strip. Spirited discussion is allowed, disagreement is allowed, but keep it civil. I take a fairly old-school Usenet view on what is flaming, and I will crack down on any I see.

B) This is an open community.

C) All graphics MUST be behind an lj-cut. Do not repost pictures from the strip; link to the appropriate URL if you want to share. The appropriate URL, if it's from the strip, would be the archive (ex/ http://www.overduemedia.com/archive.aspx?strip=20060829), not the .gif itself. That way it's easier for people to look at the strips just before and after the one referred to. It's especially useful if a particular strip is part of a storyline.

D) Have fun!
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